Dressage Saddles — The Distinguishing Traits

English saddles differ amongst themselves in several distinct ways. Primarily, the differences lay in the seat location and the flap shape and flap length. In disciplines like jumping where the rider needs shorter stirrups for further support, the flap is more forward and shorter to accommodate the bend of the knee. For a similar reason, the seat is positioned additional back in order that the rider will not be pushed ahead of the saddle when jumping a fence. Additionally, padding within the seat and knee rolls of a saddle will help the hunt seat rider, however shouldn’t be necessary in other English saddles.

Within the discipline of Dressage, the rider sits more upright and with a longer stirrup length than a hunt seat rider because Dressage riders do not soar obstacles. Due to this fact, the saddle flap is longer and straighter down behind the horse’s shoulder than a hunt saddle. The seat is closer to the horse’s withers which helps maintain the rider’s middle of gravity in the correct place. The pommel is a bit higher and the deepest point of the seat is more forward as it permits for a longer leg position.

The seat is usually a lot deeper in a Dressage saddle than a leaping saddle, and permits the rider to comfortably sit up in the saddle yet in a relaxed place to affect the horse. The padding of the panels is often less than in a hunt saddle to allow a more in-depth really feel to the horse. It usually has a wider bearing surface than a jumping saddle as well.

Some designs feature more padding in front of the knee, a lot more than in a jumping saddle, mentioned to assist the rider in keeping the knee down and thigh back. Nevertheless, there may be usually little padding behind the calf, because the rider needs to be able to freely move the lower leg round to provide aids to the horse.

The billets of most dressage saddles are very lengthy, to allow the girth to be buckled near the horse’s elbow somewhat than beneath the rider’s leg (which would get in the way in which of giving effective leg aids).

It is vital that your saddle match both you and your horse. If you determine to select a Dressage saddle be sure you measure your horse from his hoof to his withers and then from his withers to his croup. You will want these measurements when you choose your saddle to make sure it fits. Nevertheless, for those who ride more than one horse, it’s not that practical to buy a distinct saddle for each! You may strive gel pads that can conform to your horse’s shape to assist your one saddle fit. Try to match the saddle such that there is enough room between the gullet and the horse’s withers and spaced over the backbone evenly.

You must also sit in a number of Dressage saddles to search out one that’s most consolationable for you. Most often you can visit tack shops and sit in the Dressage saddle you may purchase while it’s on a saddle stand. Brands and types fluctuate, so turn out to be acquainted with all of them earlier than spending some huge cash!


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